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Increase Accessibility With a Lift

Providing easy accessibility for wheelchair-bound individuals is one of the most important aspects of a public building.  Rest assured we will provide the right recommendation and quality service for your new public lift.

  • Appropriate for both home and business

  • Custom installation for both commercial and     residential buildings

  • Indoor and outdoor options

  • Can be adjusted to fit your space's aesthetics and needs

  • Quick turnaround

  • Locally owned and operated

Wheelchair lifts to accommodate you

When a ramp isn’t enough to provide the easy access you need, a wheelchair lift offers a great alternative option to provide safe accessibility to the upper levels of a building.


At MiKelCo Lifts, we have been providing reliable mobility products for over 16 years. Call us at 412-421-5438 for your FREE consultation!

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For over 16 years, MiKelCo Lifts

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